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VSL1 Enhanced Edition Contents

Vince's Secret Locker books were created to appeal to a vast audience, not just those that prefer training information. If the books were done solely with training info., it would take away all the complexity and creativity that the books have to offer. I have customers who are after history, then there are those who love the pictures which bring a book to life.  Then you have those who want a little bit of everything.  So with that in mind, the books consist of a variety of aspects which is what makes the series so unique and has been one of the reasons people love the books.   If you like history, there's plenty, and for those that like photos, well there are several hundred, many of which were exclusively presented for the first time. There are also interviews, artwork, and memorabilia consisting of letters, and items from the gym. There is even a small section regarding Vince's High School (pgs.41-45 with 6 images from 1937) whereby I had to hire people to patiently search for this lost and never seen material.  I cannot tell you how many emails I got from fans thanking me for doing this research. Being a book collector myself, over the years I heard people ask how cool it would be to have all or see the various books and booklets Vince made. I can assure you, even the biggest fan did not see some of the booklets as many were made in limited quantity. Plain and simply, rare. So with the collector in mind,  I decided to add a Collector's Gallery (pgs. 424-473) which was a great reference tool being I classified the content from booklet to booklet with a graph for the hardcore Vince.   

Vince's Secret Locker Enhanced Edition is 600 pages and the Appreciation list consists of an amazing 130 people who in some way helped contribute. 

So let's start with the artwork,  In Volume 1 Enhanced Edition there were 17 artists from 12 different countries.  There are approx. 41 beautiful images.  

Are there images? Yes, an incredible 301 images from 24 photographers, with the majority of them being enhanced. You may have seen some of these images online, but not in this quality/size as many were made from negatives rather than the tiny,  poor-quality images found online. Many of the images were passed to me in negative format by the photographer himself. Also worth noting, 76 of these beautiful photographs were NEVER SEEN BEFORE images, some of which were also high-definition full-page shots.  

There is also a small section that lists some of Vince's Memorabilia, nicknames, pictures, and awards of his achievements categorized in a yearly format, as well as a partial Hollywood acting career chart. Moving along, you can also find a chart with Vince's measurements and weight statistics. Then there is a Newsletter section that covers everything from training to diet, to Gossip. We also have 7 personal letters from Dr. Ameduri. I also included a section called Memory Lane consisting of several hundred names of people who knew Vince many of whom are legendary.

136 Interview pages.  You will find 30 interviews, some of which I conducted directly with the legendary Lou Ferrigno, Frank Zane, Dave Draper, as well as Franco Columbu.  The list of interviews goes on consisting of in no particular order, Rick Wayne, John Hanson, Anibal Lopez, Joe Weider, Gene Mozee, Dennis Tinerino, Don Ross, Ian Duckett, Jerry Brainum, Dick Tyler, Bill Howard, Clifford Ameduri, LA Times, TC Luoma, Denie, Steve Holman, Larry Scott, Steve Davis, Ron Kosloff, George Eiferman, and the list goes on. There are also brief comments from others who knew him like John Balik, David Gentle, Ms. LeBlance, and Mr. Hise among several others.

Trainng pages: 122 pages

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