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If you already have Volumes I or II of Vince’s Secret Locker, then this book needs no introduction. You have been waiting impatiently, as illustrated by the persistent requests for Volume III on all social media, which have been getting more and more furious…

Now it is finally here! Sit back and devour 400 enticing pages of pictures, memories, and Vince’s writings you have all been waiting for, exquisitely compiled in another gorgeous, hard-covered, slick volume.

In this third volume, expect more never seen before content, a plethora of high definition photos, and a selection of advanced techniques as developed and taught by Vince himself - pure, unadulterated, and in his actual, unique, idiosyncratic style raved about by friends and clients which made him the most respected trainer in the history of bodybuilding.   

Vince's Secret Locker Volume 3.jpg


"This book in its black wooden box is a work of art. You poured your heart and soul into its creation. By detailing the wooden box with so many unexpected features, you truly pay homage to Vince in bodybuilding history. Inside the box, the book cover—its rich color on the 3D surface glows in the reflected light. Inside the book... full-page color illustrations and b&w photos of men and women alongside Vince portray his life and his revered place in the history of bodybuilding. The accompanying essays by the muscled elite complete this total package. Thanks so much for the amazing book. "

Bruce Baker  -   United States

1Autographed hardcover book 
A choice of  3 custom designed wood

Vince's Secret Locker Card
Legends picture

- 3-D Gloss character on the cover.
- Choice of elegant book edging: 
   shiny silver or black.
- Special felt touch on the covers.
- Black headband.
- Black ribbon band bookmark.

"Breathtaking,  Award-winning quality book!
Having owned hundreds of books, this takes the prize! " 
Simon Gottfried   -   Canada 


"Wow wow wow! I can tell how much passion went into this volume alone. "   

Robert Gairing   -   Germany  


"This book is spellbinding.  Amazing!
Absolutely the best book of the series. .
Rik Brown   -   United States

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