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Book Review: Vince’s Secret Locker – A must-read for all

                                                                   August 17, 2018

                                                                   By Kevin Grech

                                                                   Publisher: Evolution of Bodybuilding

If you have been following the sport of bodybuilding as I have ... or you are as old or older as me, you surely have come across the name Vince Gironda. 

Vince was a bodybuilder, professional trainer, and gym owner from the 1950s up to the 1990s. 
Many people think it was in the modern era that movie and sports stars looked for personal trainers, but Vince was the man to talk to back then. He would prepare actors and stuntmen for their film roles in a no-bullshit manner.

Vince wrote hundreds of articles about diet and bodybuilding techniques and one would think these were all lost. 

Thankfully author/publisher Karl Coyne managed to gather all of Vince's work and put them together in a series of books called Vince's Secret Locker. 

When reading the book (Enhanced Edition Vol 1 ),. you will notice the respect everybody had for this man and how he would not tolerate anything other than concentration and good-quality training at his gym. If it was anything different, you would get kicked out. .. regardless of how famous his clients were. 

The illustrations and rare photos in the book are fantastic as they are displayed in high-quality print 





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