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Book Review:

Frank Zane’s Building the Body Magazine 

                                     April 30, 2016

                                     By Frank Zane


An interesting new book by Karl Coyne called Vince's Secret Lock­er, Volume I has been recently been published. Much work and research went into this project which is now a large format collector's item book.

The book covers every aspect of Vince Gironda. As well, there are many comments and interviews that make this book hard to put down. Such as comments by Robby Robinson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, John Hansen, Franco Columbu, Charles Poliquin, Steve Davis, Rick Wayne,  Denie, Gene Mozee, Dick Tyler, Dr. Clifford Ameduri, Dave Draper, Ian Duckett, Anibal Lopez, and more.

This is the complete history and collected works of bodybuilding's immortal  "Iron Guru" Vince Gironda, Trainer of Muscle Champions and Hollywood Stars. It is a massive 425 pages.
In Vince's Secret Locker, Karl Coyne gives a rare insight into the untold life of Vince Gironda and Vince's Gym. He reveals material that has been lost and locked away for decades. Many never seen pictures and lost articles are in this book. Memorabilia from Vince's Gym. Letters are written by Vince Gironda, Question and Answer Section, 48-page "Collectors Gallery" unveiling rare courses. This is  The Complete history and collected works of bodybuilding\s immortal "Iron Guru", Trainer of Muscle Champions and Hollywood Stars.

It has rightfully deserved positive reviews, and there are many reviews posted on Youtube.  In the summer of 1975, I had the luck to train for a few months at Vince's Gym in North  Hollywood in order to avoid the distracting atmosphere at Gold's Gym while they were filming Pumping Iron. After observing the goings on there I said to myself they ought to call it 'Pumping Arnold’ because it's about him. I could have jumped in as a training partner but chose to train at Vince's instead. I'm glad I did. Vince was smart and a great guy, one of the giants of the generation inherited valid training methods.

This book taps into Vince's wealth of bodybuilding experience and knowledge. 




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