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AQUARIUM FRONTIERS - United States of America
Karl Coyne is known for his iconic and impressive custom aquariums. Here Karl was featured in the Scientific Aquatic Journal for Advanced Reef Keeping, Aquarium Frontiers. Karl cites all the criteria within this live reef aquarium and classifies all the parameters including the scientific names of the inhabitants. Karl was one of the first researchers to successfully reproduce over two dozen coral species. Filtration, lighting, nutrition, and other parameters are also detailed.  

1995 Aquarium Frontiers Magazine.jpg
1995 Aquarium Frontiers Article.jpg

Designer Magazines

Wien Design Karl Coyne's Aquariums_edited.jpg
Wien Design Karl Coyne Aquariums.jpg

Designer Magazine

"I can't believe it, it looks gorgeous, should have done this a long time ago! 
Hanna Liu 

"Amazing, traveled the world, never seen such a beautiful home aquarium", Pavel Rutin

Business Magazine
       FORMAT MAGAZINE - Austria

"These are luxurious, noble  aquarium systems for the home or business built by Karl Coyne."


KURIER - Austria


"The Ferrari of Aquariums"
                             KURIER  NEWSPAPER 


LaZycie Warszawy Karl Coyne.jpg

"Fantastic! Two Spectacular
Aquariums in the heart of the capital."


Aquarium Magazines


Two identical half-cylinder aquariums were designed, one saltwater aquarium on the first floor of this business center, and another freshwater aquarium on the fifth floor. Both aquariums were much bigger than they appear (33,000 liters//9000 gallons). For quite some time, these were the biggest aquariums in Eastern Europe.

Karl's Aquarium project.jpg

Featured in Book Publications
The Conscientious Marine Aquarist

The Conscientious Marine Aquarist Karl Coyne.jpg
The Conscientious Marine Aquarist Karl Coyne 2.jpg
1998 The Conscientious Marine Aquarist.jpg

"Larger reef systems, such as the ones pictured above by Karl Coyne, require vigorous attention.

Featured in Book Publications
Natural Reef Aquariums - USA

Natural Reef Aquariums Karl Coyne.jpg

"A Stunning live rock and live sand reef system created by Karl Coyne."

1997 Natural Reef Aquariums Book.jpg

Institutional and Marine Aquarium Society Recognition 
The Smithsonian Style Aquarium - USA

Excerpt from article: To maintain aquarium water that is low in nutrient compounds, Dr. Walter Adey of the Smithsonian Institution places heavy emphasis on the role of specially cultivated "turfs" composed of various species of algae (Adey and Loveland, 1991). This is commonly known as the Algal Turf-Scrubber approach, and it is currently more common in institutional aquarium installations than in the hobbyist world. Periodic harvesting of a portion of the algae growth serves to export accumulated wastes. Such systems rely heavily upon small organisms present in the live sand help to keep the substrate healthy, while denitrifying bacteria thrive in the low-to-zero oxygen conditions at the bottom. 

This approach has been closely investigated by Dr. Jean Jaubert at the national aquarium of Monaco, world-renowned for its displays of captive corals and its coral biology research. Its immediate appeal is the prevention of an accumulation of nitrate in the system by enhancing natural denitrification. A stunning live rock and live sand reef system created by Karl Coyne exhibits a dense stocking of many types of soft and stony corals. 

Karl Coyne Aquarium Project_edited.jpg
Mystical Sparkle TIFF.pdf (4).png

Television Appearances

1. VOX television channel - Germany

2. Television Series "Sophia." - Poland

Visually stunning, breathtaking living reef aquariums. Visit a world where only a few are able to venture. Escape to an exotic tropical reef where vibrant colors actually soothe your eyes. Enter a realm where effervescent. crystal clear water caresses the ever-swaying anemones and corals, spectacular in color and home to the most beautiful life forms on earth. The coral reef pulses, bursting with life!  A diversity not seen in any other ecosystem, alongside schooling fish, you will find sponges, urchins, corals, sea stars, shrimps, and crabs surreal in color and pattern. 

Karl Coyne's Aquariums for the home

A living, breathing aquatic ecosystem! Bringing this world to your home or workplace. You need not travel to the Caribbean or the South Pacific to enjoy the calming beauty that a tropical reef offers. Karl replicates life as it is undersea and captures the interactions between life forms as they are in the wild. 

Karl Coyne Aquariums 1
Karl Coyne Aquariums 2
Karl Coyne Aquariums 3
Karl Coyne Aquarium 6.TIF
Karl Coyne Aquariums 4.TIF
Karl Coyne Aquariums 5.TIF

Karl's extensive knowledge and expertise have created aquariums of various content. shape, and size imaginable. Big tank or small, big fish or little fish, viewers can discover the beauty within the tank, how living organisms interact with each other, how they live their lives, defend their territories, and court their mates. 

Karl Coyne's Reef Aquarium 4.TIF
Karl Coyne's Reef Aquarium 1.TIF
Karl Coyne's Reef Aquarium 2.TIF
Karl Coyne's Reef Aquarium 3.jpg

Karl takes a turnkey approach to designing and building museum-grade aquariums. His talent ranges from animal/coral expertise to custom exhibitry, life support, and installation. Whether it's a residential or commercial application, he understands the key factors necessary to have a successful exhibit. 

These exquisite and state-of-the-art aquariums are diligently created from every angle, including filtration from both a functional and aesthetic point of view.  Note the tidiness of all the equipment and cables to give that sleek appearance. 

Start 1.jpg

1. Start

2. Work in Progress

Start Assembly.jpg
Back Tiff.TIF

3-5. Finished. 

Karl Coyne Custom Aquarium DesignAquar
Finished 3.jpg

Stage 1 - Drawing a Concept                                Stage 2 - Creating a Scale Model                        Stage 3 - Making the Reef. Exhibit

Karl Coyne Aquarium Concept

Karl has combined his artistic creativity with an architectural perspective to provide world-class aquariums. From the initial concept sketch to a scale model, which then becomes an artificial reef. Karl's portfolio has covered both live reef systems as well as beautiful artificial reef systems which are more common in larger institutions like zoos or aquatic parks. 

The pleasures and beauty of observing these living art aquariums can be so fascinating. They are about fun, relaxation, and enjoyment. as well as learning, entertainment, and satisfaction. Whatever the purpose, these visually breathtaking exhibits can provide endless hours of entertainment to excite and bewilder.  

sketch 1.jpg
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