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"I began Bodybuilding in 1972 and over the years I have met Vince  Gironda a few times. Vince was the original bodybuilding guru and he is  considered a bodybuilding genius. Given that fact,  I feel that Karl Coyne really hit a home run with his first book 'Vince's Secret Locker', Karl totally captured Vince's genius mind and put it into his book. I am awed and I been in the sport 44 years!  

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"I found the books reminiscent of my time at the gym. I remember  the door that had all the slots for his printouts. Reading your book and looking at the pictures I could almost smell the sweat.    I found it very realistic view and time capsule of the Golden age your bodybuilding emanating from Vinces gym."

"You did an excellent job in putting all Vince information and  life story in these books. There is no doubt that everyone that acquire Vince's Secret Locker not only will enjoy it but learn from it. Thank you for the privilege of making me part of this piece of history about a man I learned from and admire very much."

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"Go, Karl... Good news, project 'Vince' complete and ready for the readers' enjoyment and education."

"Very good information. Wonderful! These books are the most interesting books on the history Vince's Gym and the bobdybuilders who he trained there. Vince trained me in the 1968. Karl Coyne did fantastic research on Vince's. No Bodybuilder should be without buying a copy of these tomes!"

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