The left video was supposed to be the finished visual product, but I have decided to add to the beginning .


The music he added is from a sample I provided but can't be used as it is from another trailer. He did add sound effects when text hits, and escalating moments and weights clanking in the hall which I like.

At the moment, I already have a voiceover man, one of the best and most famous. I got lucky with this.

So at the moment, the beginning may stay as is or?  These are my options?

To add a beginning   

It would be like your video.

So once I find a 3 d animator, I will have him make something like that with my Logo to start the Trailer,

with the main character similar to the top video.


I had also thought about ending or starting the video with a time warp type of thing   


A time warp at the 25-28 second mark


If used at the end, my Logo (which will be changed to a 3d rotating around logo then to end the video get sucked into the time warp /wind as in the sample just above.


Otherwise, another option is the time warp/wind  will start the film and the ending will

be my logo rotating.


There are many options.