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1. There are NO refunds.
The hardcover book is a very expensive book to produce and, mailed Priority Mail from Poland. The book is very expensive to ship being the book weighs almost 5 lbs.  

2. The only exception is in the very rare case the book comes damaged.  In ten years, I have had one situation, so I do not forsee this happening. Proof of damage must be documented by the postal carrier and submitted to me by email within 3 days of delivery. I will need this to submit to my postal service for reimbursement on my end. Books mailed to USA or Canada must be mailed back to my new Hawaii address to be provided at the time of inquiry. Please note, if the delivery company does not provide official proof that box was damaged, I will deny the  refund request. 

3. Paperback book orders are usually drop shipped from the UK or USA. In the situation the book/s come damaged, the postal carrier must make note of this as indicated above.  In this case a replacement or refund will be issued. Two photos will also e required. 

4. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 718 412 1083. Please leave a message.

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