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If you are a fitness buff or new fan of the Iron Guru, and this the first time you have heard of Vince’s Secret Locker, then get ready to get sucked in and spirited away to a Golden Era of bodybuilding; before the days of over-muscled gym rats, faux Instagram models, and the constant, incessant chanting that “bigger is better”. 

Read the stories told of Vince by the biggest names he produced. Feel their raw emotions, both of joy and sorrow as they reminisce of the greatness they had the good fortune to experience... that the world will be hard pressed to ever see again. 

Benefit from the training information, diet, and routines, to get sculpted better and faster in the most healthy and natural ways possible. Revel in the painstakingly collected Q&As, articles, and interviews with bodybuilding VIPs, while enjoying the beautifully hand-crafted artwork which gives readers an alternative heartfelt interpretation of The Master, on top of the hundreds of rare, exclusive, and enhanced pictures - all but impossible to find anywhere else in the world.

These volumes aim to inspire, educate, and entertain in a way never before seen in the genre. Almost as if reviving a lost art form, Vince’s Secret Locker can be simply described as the life’s work of “The Father of Bodybuilding” documented, immortalized, and made available to all and sundry, hungry for a taste of the real Vince’s Gym. 

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