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If you are a fitness buff or a new fan of the Iron Guru, and this is the first time you have heard of Vince’s Secret Locker, then get ready to get sucked in and spirited away to a Golden Era of bodybuilding.
Read the stories told of Vince by the biggest names he produced. Feel their raw emotions, both of joy and sorrow as they reminisce of the greatness they had the good fortune to experience... that the world will be hard-pressed to ever see again. 

Benefit from the training information, diet, and routines, to get sculpted better and faster in the most healthy and natural ways possible. Revel in the painstakingly collected Q&As, articles, and interviews with bodybuilding VIPs, while enjoying the beautifully hand-crafted artwork which gives readers an alternative heartfelt interpretation of The Master, on top of the hundreds of rare, exclusive, and enhanced pictures - all but impossible to find anywhere else in the world.

These volumes aim to inspire, educate, and entertain in a way never before seen in the genre. Almost as if reviving a lost art form.  The Vince’s Secret Locker trilogy encompasses not only Vince’s work, life, and loves, but also highlights the history of many other bodybuilders. While none could claim there were never instances where his painfully straightforward approach would have one close to pulling their hair out, Vince turned dreams into reality thanks to his no-nonsense way and unshakable beliefs in his tried and true system. These absolutely immersive stories transport the reader to a place where they experience the successes, failures, and facts of bodybuilding, in a suspended moment of space and time. 

About Vince Gironda 
Originally from New York, Vincenta ‘Vince’ Anselmo Gironda moved to Los Angeles in 1944 where he opened the famed and almost mythological Vince’s Gym, which he personally ran for 50 glorious years. Vince’s Gym built legend after legend seen both in the arenas of championship to the silver screens of Hollywood. 

Vince's Secret Locker allows you that rare glimpse into the practices and processes of one of the most influential physical culture teachers of the 20th Century, whose tireless work shaped resistance training as we know it today. Get ready once again to enter Vince’s Gym and almost smell the sweat, feel the burn, and jump at the barks of The Iron Guru. Use the information in here wisely to train with Vince. 

Mystical Sparkle TIFF.pdf (5).png

Vince's Secret Locker has reached  50 countries 
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Republic of South Africa, Russia, Saint Lucia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America.   

Vince Gironda Vinces Secret Locker
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