Ukraine refugees in Poland
Ukrainian Refugee Center Poznan Poland Volunteer gifts
Poland Volunteers Karl Coyne Ukrainian Refugee Center
Chocolate presents donated by Karl Coyne for Ukrainian Refugee Children

Please note any donations for Campaign 3 will go
towards helping
rescue animals in Ukraine or supplies
such as water
for refugees. The
cut-off date will be approx. April 10th.



Campaign 1 - Poznan, Poland
 "Arena" Ukrainian Refugee Center
Chocolates and juices as seen here. 
Results: A complete success -pictures
tell the story. :)

Campaign 2 - Leszno, Poland

"Leszno dla Ukrainy" organization
- Small donation of Chocolates and
   juices that went fast. :)

Results: A complete success  :)

Campaign 3 - Leszno, Poland
& Wroclaw, Poland