Vince's Secret Locker Volume 1 Enhanced Edition - Mystical Cover
  • 600 Page Enhanced Edition Tome

  • Close to 400 High Quality Images

  • 20 Artists / 50 Illustrations

  • 28 Pages of Q&A   

  • Diet/Supplementation

  • Training Information

  • Interviews

  • Lost Articles

  • Letters

  • History

  • 2 Book Cover Options

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Vince’s Secret Locker encompasses not only Vince’s work, life, and loves, but also highlights the history of many other bodybuilders touched by his inimitable, sometimes acerbic, yet highly hilarious style and manner of training. While none could claim there were never instances where his painfully straightforward approach would have one close to pulling their hair out, Vince turned dreams into reality thanks to his no nonsense way and unshakable beliefs in his tried and true system. These absolutely immersive stories transport the reader to a place where they experience the successes, failures, and facts of bodybuilding, in a suspended moment of space and time. 

Vince's Secret Locker allows you that rare glimpse into the practices and processes of one of the most influential physical culture teachers of the 20th Century, whose tireless work shaped resistance training as we know it today. Get ready once again to enter Vince’s Gym and almost smell the sweat, feel the burn, and jump at the barks of The Iron Guru. Use the information in here wisely to train with Vince. Let him motivate and instigate. Allow him to guide, and even now, he will lead you to your authentic self you would never have thought possible even in your wildest dreams. Because legends NEVER DIE...

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   "It's fantastic! I can’t believe how big and extensive the book is. It really brought back some memories. Awesome stuff! I can’t wait to read the rest of it." 

- John Hansen 

3 Time Natural Mr. Universe