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Vince's Secret Locker Volume 1 Original by Karl Coyne
  • 426 Pages

  • Over 200 Pictures

  • 16 Illustrations

  • 27 pags of Q&A   

  • Diet/Supplementation

  • Training Information

  • Interviews

  • Lost Articles

  • Letters

  • History

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"The book looks very impressive and comprehensive, and I’m glad to see all the positive feedback from the bodybuilding community." 



-Alan Golnick 

Vince's Secret Locker Volume 1 Preview Lou Ferrigno

For those that still prefer

first edition books,

this is where it all started 

back in 2015!

The Vince's Secret Locker

Series came to life.

Please note the beautiful

Enhanced Edition

is also available on this site.

with a choice of two covers. 

     "Good news, project 'Vince' complete and ready for the readers' enjoyment and education."

IFBB Mr. America, 1965  /  IFBB Mr. Universe, 1966  /  IFBB Mr. World, 1970 

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