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Vince's Secret Locker 2 Video Vince's Gym
V2 Trailer
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With the historic Volume 1 of Vince's SECRET LOCKER now booked and in circulation among the fans and pumping iron neophytes who want sound ACCURATE information on weight training and proper diet procedures now in play. Vol. 1 compiles the teachings and life history of Vince both in expanded intricate prose and visuals. And no doubt is the best over all recorded documentation of Vince's legacy and belief systems that revolutionized the fitness, strength and Bodybuilding industry. 

And yet Volume 1 could not encompass the total Vince Gironda era that might lay hidden beneath the sands of time. Being perhaps forgotten and lost to future generations of organic based planetary transhumanists and visually sinewed molded super hero fantasy hopefuls. 

The aggregation of Volume 1, simply was not enough to stop a Gironda default in documenting the cult virtues and kinetic styling energy formulas of the greatest Bodybuilding trainer who ever lived. 

Therefore a Volume 2 is here offered up to more dynamically supplement, the missing pieces of the total mind and teachings of our Iron Guru Mr. Vince Gironda. 

This is Karl Coyne's visionary ... .

Vince's Secret Locker - Volume 2 .. . 

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  "I found the books reminiscent of my time at the gym. I remember the door that had all the slots for his printouts. Reading your book and looking at the pictures I could almost smell the sweat. I felt like I had taken a time capsule of the Golden age of bodybuilding emanating from Vinces gym."

-Steve Davis,  IFBB Mr. World, 1977