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If you already have Volumes I or II of Vince’s Secret Locker, then this book needs no introduction. You have been waiting impatiently, as illustrated by the persistent requests for Volume III on all social media, which have been getting more and more furious…

Now it is finally here! Sit back and devour 334 enticing pages of pictures, memories, and Vince’s writings you have all been waiting for, exquisitely compiled in another gorgeous, hard-covered, slick volume.

While all three tomes are standalone in their own right, owning the complete collection gives you more than an overview of the genius and the legend that was Vince Gironda, but instead makes this a true encyclopedia of physical sculpture, nutrition and motivational philosophy. It’s no wonder that word about Vince's Secret Locker has spread like wildfire to establish its name in the industry in over 40 countries as the authoritative gold standard of all things Vince Gironda. 

In this third volume, expect more never seen before content, a plethora of high definition photos, and a selection of advanced techniques as developed and taught by Vince himself - pure, unadulterated, and in his actual, unique, idiosyncratic style raved about by friends and clients which made him the most respected trainer in the history of bodybuilding.   


400 Pages
HD Pictures
Training Information
Lost Articles

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     "Good news, project 'Vince' complete and ready for the readers' enjoyment and education."

IFBB Mr. America, 1965  /  IFBB Mr. Universe, 1966  /  IFBB Mr. World, 1970