Vince Andrich
5.0 out of 5 stars
As a fan and student of Vince Gironda, I'm totally blown away by the 
depth information and number of rare gems Karl has collected in 
VSL Volume 2. In Vol 2 Karl delivers tons of routines, articles, 
and Q&A's that show Vince's principles originated or laid the 
foundation for current day recommendations on protein intake, 
food prep, fat and carb intake, focus, tempo, intensity, workload, 
isolation training and visually enhancing your genetic shape. The 
application of Vince's insights are validated by interviews with 
top physique, bodybuilding, and acting stars, plus decades of 
industry experts that shaped the culture of elite training, 
nutrition and supplementation. If you are looking to build 
more muscle in less time or just want an archive of the most 
effective physique training and nutrition methods-- I highly 
recommend getting VSL Vol 1 & 2.


Lou Mezzanotte
After the first one, I expected Vol 2 to be as good
but it exceeded all expectations. You did a masterful job.
This book is a must have for anyone even remotely
in the Iron Game! Sadly, the vast majority of people training 
today are unaware of the debt of gratitude that they owe to 
the pioneers of the Iron Game. One such person was Vince Gironde, 
who trained so many bodybuilding champions and movie stars at
gym 50 years ago that you would need a separate book just to to 
list them. Movie stars such as Clint Eastwood, Robert Blake and 
Clint Walker come to mind. In addition, Vince was an
in both nutrition and weight training techniques. Vince was one 
of a kind and so is this book. Author Karl Coyne has come as close 
as one can to bringing Gironde back to life through the pages of 
Vince's Secret Locker Volume Two. A follow-up to his first
about Vince, this book is also a true labor of love. Buy this book! 
Not only will you get to know one of the Iron Game's greatest ever 
pioneers but you can sample the many training and nutrition tips 
sprinkled throughout the book and help your own training in the process.


Joseph B. D'agostino - USA
These are by far some of the best and imformative books every written 
in the field and sport of Bodybuilding. Incredible job Karl!


Kerry DiCiaccio - USA
Excellent follow up to Volume 1. Amazing research and information! A 
virtual step back in time to once again to learn from the Iron Guru!


Frank Meyers - USA
40+ Years and Wisdom rolled up into this great book.
In 1973 I took one thing that Vince Gironda taught, 10 liver tabs, 
3 B-complex tabs and 1 iron tab per meal and went from 138 pounds to 
190 pounds fairly
quick. I was hooked and bought everything I could 
from Vince from that point on. Save yourself years and get this book 
The book includes reprinted advice directly from Vince. You can
longer travel to see Vince and have him train you as he is deceased. 
However, Vince can now come and see you thanks to Vince's Secret 
Locker Volume 2. I got my copy from best selling author Joe
as a gift. If you know Joe you know he only sends out the best. 
Also, keep in mind that Vince trained the Hollywood Stars
they had to get in shape fast for their movie rolls.Arnold 
Schwarzenegger also trained with Vince. Why not get a
body and a good read at the same time.


David Gironda
The two volumes are not just about my cousin
Vinny, but speaks volumes 
about natural bodybuilding, nutrition, and training specific areas you 
should improve, with the best ways to do so.  For the beginner and 
seasoned bodybuilder, men and women, many things to know for everyone. 
Get them and read them, and you cannot fail.

Dec. 2nd. - Comments from Jeff Preston from Raw Iron
We don't allow advertising here on Raw Iron but when a deserved item
product rises to the top we will highly recommend! I just finished Karl 
Coyne's "Vince's Secret Locker" Volume 2... WOW! Now I've always been a 
fan of Gironda's and felt he was decades ahead of his time so this
was an absolute joy to absorb! Just when you think you know all there was 
to know about Vince, this book comes along. Robert Blake was enlightening 
there! Now of course I have to get volume 1...HOW DID I MISS GRABBING THIS! 
GREAT job Karl!


Pope Meyers USA  SUPER BOOK!


Andrew DiCiaccio USA
Hello Mr. Coyne, how are you? I recently purchased Vince's Secret Locker vol 1&2! 
They are absolutely incredible! 


Kerry Knowlton
It is fantastic you did a great job!
You have outdone yourself. Volume 2 is as good as or perhaps better than 
Volume 1. I knew Vince from 1982 until his death and your works
defines the man. Congratulations.


Been tearing through my Vince's Secret Locker vol. 2 since I received it. 
Unlike most Vol. 2's out there, it's not merely "filler"........I'm
there was a tough time deciding what to cut out of Vol. 1! Fantastic job 
and highly recommended!!!


Eric Blais - CANADA
I had no idea of the amount of time and energy you have put into this book…it is truly

incredible… Very impressive…


Paul Perez - USA
If you're a fan of Vince Gironda and a bodybuilding enthusiast you need
get these two volumes 1&2 of Vince's Secret Locke. Karl has given us a 
treasure trove of information on the training philosophy of Vince
put together in such a beautiful format; the books are stunning. Do yourself 
a favor and get these book you won’t be disappointed.


Muscle Sport Mag - USA
Vince's Secret Locker is a must have!


Arthur Latimer
A trip back in time to the great Vince's Gym. Gone but not forgotten
to Karl Coyne.


Nelson Rivera - USA
Good Evening Vince Fan
I just received my Vince's Secret Locker Vol 2 ume book and it is awesome.. I am so ready to 
find some time to start reading this book and it better be alot of time becaues it is loaded 
with super info and lots of kool pic's...It weighs over 3 lbs. Karl you out did yourself.. 
If Vol 1 was great this should be GREATER. Thank you for taking the time and energy to do this
We the true Vince Fans should all have this book in our hands. I wish you Mucho success... 


Maria Francesco
I would like to thank Karl Coyne and all who collaborated to put together Vince's Secret Locker 
as a Vince student this book will certainly help me to continue learning, with over 450 pages 
of writings from Vince and others, photographs, this book is fantastic!


Greg Redzeposki - AUSTRALIA
Karl has put together something special with these books.
I just received the hardbacks & they are beautifully put
together with lots of info & great photos, definitely
items. I'm sure Vince would be proud of the work Karl has done with 
these books.


Stephen Grate - USA
This is a great reminder of a stellar bodybuilder and coach. The history of 
his interactions with peers in the iron game and personalities of the
is fascinating. More valuable though are Vince's thoughts on gift Ness and 
how to acieve it. Really a must-have set.


Mark Lewis - USA


Nico Korn - HOLLAND
I absolutely love the volume 2 book, the content is amazing and I love to
the lost articles and the personal letters from and to Vince. This book is full 
of inspiration and I can recommend it to everyone who has affection with 
bodybuilding en physical culture! — feeling excited.


Grey Rolland - USA
!Karl the book is off the chain! What more can I say? You have become 
the leading authority Iron Guru History. So where do we go from here? At almost 
55 I am more inspired to be in my gym at 6:00 AM because of your work...train, 
,refine, repeat...


David Gentle - USA
Volume two of Karl
Coyne's  masterpiece on Vince Gironda is an absolute joy. 
Meticulously researched and illustrated, not a stone unturned in the life
times of the "Iron Guru" that was Vince Gironda. Karl has written the ultimate 
reference and biography on one of the Iron Game's most iconic characters. This 
is a must buy for anyone who is either a collector or simply wishes to learn 
the lost secrets of the master. highly recommended. Available from Amazon and 
various other sources.(Karl, can you fill in details as to prices and 
availability of the book. David Gentle.


Steve Jury - USA
!If you read Vol 1 and were blown away by it, hold on to your hat 
because Vol 2 will rock your world! Be careful that your head doesn't explode 
trying to take it all in! If you're new to the iron game or a seasoned pro, 
you owe it to yourself to grab a copy today!!!  


Michael Payne  - Ireland
Your book arrived safely & it is magnificent. The packaging was excellent too. 
Let no one be in any doubt that this is a work of art & that you could not buy
some of the endorsements that you have received at any price. The integrity
so many of those that have praised your work is beyond reproach & that in 
itself is a testament to it's value. Job well done & I do hope that you think 
again about Volume 3 at a later stage. Thank you & all the very best.


Biagio Filizola - Italy


Tor Martinsen  - Norway
Hello Karl, VSL vol 2 arrived yesterday and it looks fantastic. You have once again 
done a great job. The only problem is that when I start to read I can't stop! 

Sebastian Beckett - Denmark  UPDATE
By the way cant put VSL2 away its so great. Its very rare that a long awaited sequel 
lives up to the expectations. You must be very proud.


Sebastian Beckett - Denmark
Karl has done an amazing job, putting this eagerly expected sequel together. This 
book consists of so much, otherwise lost, information on the great Vince Gironda. 
Along with volume 1, this is in my opinion the most comprehensive book, ever written 
on the Iron Guru. Looking forward to see what Karl has in store for us next.  


Martin Kotte - Germany
The books are great!


Andy Tarbat  - UK
Hi Karl, your books took me back to 1989 when i trained at Vinces while on vacation 
and was lucky enough to meet and talk with him,the stories in your books are all true, 
Vince was very gruff for 5 mins, then when i mentioned i came from Scotland he changed, 
we talked about Larry Scott my favourite bodybuilder,he showed me around his flat 
upstairs,then i had a workout in the best gym in America, when he was leaving Vince 
came across and we went outside and had our photo taken beside the window,my training 
partner couldn’t believe we had met and had our photo taken with the iron guru,i still 
remember  Vince turning and waving goodbye, its a memory i will cherish forever,thanks 
for keeping the dream alive, i‘ve been lucky that i’ve met every mr olympia since the 
start in 1965 and most of the all time greats, keep your books coming Karl their magic 
just what our sport needs.


Jan Bengtsson  - Sweden
GREAT!!!!.....Read a chapter every night…


Henrik Crantz - Sweden
The books are just great, get them while you can, really rare material and 
informative. I'm a huge fan and collector or VG books and these ones just blew me 
away. And I got them signed by Karl! 


Detlev Staar - Germany
Hi Karl, thanks for sending VINCE'S SECRET LOCKER Vol. 1 & 2! 427 and 467 pages to 
read and great pictures never seen before... I hope you have some stuff for 
Volume 3...???


Rik Brown - USA 
My book arrived yesterday, and I already read half of it. Tonight,please don't call me,
I'm going to finish this book,and this glass of Merlot, and let the memories come back. 
I miss the 70's,and I miss Vince. This book is a treasure, Thank you Karl Coyne, you 
have produced a masterpiece!


Dennis Smigiel - USA
Hi Karl: As you know, I have both books. You have outdone yourself; I thought the first 
book was outstanding when I received it; book 2 is even better than the first. These books 
are like a time capsule taking me back to the days of long ago when Vince was a force in 
the bodybuilding world to be reckoned with.  With almost a thousand pages between both 
books, there is no duplication each book contains information that is not in the other 
book. Thanks for all your hard work gathering all this information and putting it into 
these two great books.


Erwin Overbeek - Netherlands
The books are great. I cannot stop reading Vince's Secret Locker books.
Thanks for your effort.


Edward Mioduszewski - USA
Hi Karl, I just got the Volume 2 book today and you did a fantastic job. Both 
Vince's Secret Locker Volumes 1 and 2 are amazing. V1 goes in more detail on 
diet and training while V2 goes more into his life and bodybuilding as a whole. 
I love both volumes and hope you write more. Maybe with Rheo Blair and Vince. 
It's been awhile since I've read books that are so informative. I read the whole 
V1 book and I could not put it down until I finished it. Thanks again.


Steve Speyrer - USA
Awesome book! A MUST have!


Tom Marotta  -  Canada
Vince's Secret Locker Volume II is SUPERB! You met all my expectations and more! 
Thank you Mr. Coyne for creating such an elegant tome! 


Toufic Khaski - USA
The covers look fantastic! VSL again has a lot of information in it. You did a tremendous amount
of work. Vince's Secret Locker 2 is excellent! 


Steve Downs - USA 
Volume II is a remarkable achievement after so much went into Volume I. Karl, you've 
outdone yourself with this incredible fact and picture packed volume, one that I know 
the Iron Guru himself would be most proud. Congratulations on a job well done!



Rik Brown

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