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                        A New Yorker in Leszno

                          by Pawel Piotrowski



Karl Coyne is from New York, but also living in Leszno, Poland as well. He works on his books every day. In the meantime, he visits the US often, mainly for work and visiting family. He has always been interested in bodybuilding which has been his biggest lifetime hobby.

At some point in his life, he dreamed of telling about all the interesting aspects of bodybuilding but in a different way compared to typical books on this subject. His volumes are stated as an encyclopedia of bodybuilding knowledge which is very respected in this industry.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of my inspirations. The Austrian bodybuilder gave very motivational speeches. He always said that you could get up from every fall. I  remember when he said, that if you have a vision you can turn it into a reality. To this day his words are still inspiring to me. I proved to myself that thanks to hard work you can reach your goal­ said, Karl Coyne.

He was active in bodybuilding 10 years ago, at the time he lived in New York. Unfortunately, there was an accident at work. While unloading a truck Karl unluckily fell backward and herniated several discs in his spine. This was the hardest time in his life and the doctor's prognosis didn't help fix his mood at all.

The doctor said if I didn't undergo a spine surgery I could possibly become paralyzed and would possibly never be able to walk again. I was against the operation because l didn't believe the doctor's words. I thought to myself that I was going to prove them wrong and I started natural rehabilitation. In the beginning,  it was difficult but thanks to special workouts and self-denial with time, I slowly started to feel better. At the time I decided to go to all sorts of therapy. In retrospect, l think I made the best decision and today I feel almost fully functional. I plan on getting back into training soon, even this year.

After the accident, Karl couldn't focus on active bodybuilding which is why he decided, that he would make one of his dreams come true. I will write a book on the Golden Era of bodybuilding and the history of Vince's Gym. The inspiration was Vince Gironda.His fast ideas on workouts made him the most respected trainer in the history of bodybuilding. He was the one that trained many Hollywood stars -Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers, Clint Eastwood, and many others. Karl was very impressed and knew that Vince's character would soon become the main foundation of his books.

I decided to would write a book that would both educate and inspire in the field of bodybuilding. The book contains emotional, sad, and joyful stories told by well-known legends in the bodybuilding field. Word about my books spread fast and that motivated me to keep going. I get a lot of positive reviews from people all around the world.

Karl says that if you have dreams you should go and follow them. He believes that if you don't at least try you will never reach your dream goal. With his way of thinking he wants to inspire others. On his journey, he met among others Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Cena, and soon Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He knows their biography very well and he was anxious to interview them for an upcoming book.
I knew that they were very positive people but I  didn't expect it like that. Every bodybuilder that I have met has the same motto "Never give up". They thanked me for my effort and wished me the best of success. I was very happy that I got the chance to meet world-class stars that a lot of people can only watch through television or the Internet.

When asked about Karl's future plans, he responded enthusiastically that he is going to possibly continue writing books and is going to return to daily training. He has so far released three books (two volumes) under the same title "Vince's Secret Locker". He is already preparing the Volume 3 book in this series and says that the release date is coming soon.

I am optimistic about this year and I hope that it bring even more publicity. My passion accompanies me all the time and I don't plan on letting go of it. I have been offered multiple propositions to work with well-known bodybuilders, even a Christmas children's book. This is a very big compliment for me and I will for sure consider them.

Karl Coyne is very open to new challenges and added, that if anybody has any interesting propositions then to contact him, but already fully committed to 2020. Any information on his work and history can be found on his website








Karl Coyne Vince's Secret Locker
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