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Testimonials from Best Seller Authors 

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- Tom Venuto

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"What a marvelous presentation. Kudos to you. Keep up the good work in keeping the Golden Age of Bodybuilding alive."


- Roger Lepage

"Wow, I used to drive for an hour to train at Vince's gym, and talk  with  Vince. These books are like a trip back  in time for me... a masterpiece!"


- Rik Brown

"This book is full of great information on nutrition and training techniques. I've tried several of the exercises in the book and the results are fantastic.."    
- Marty Hathaway   

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  "Beyond pleased with this TREMENDOUS book that is loaded with great articles, never before seen photos, old school bodybuilding history and The Iron Guru's workout / diet strategies." 


- Gary Cass 

   "I am deeply impressed by the books. They are large and handsomely presented, containing a wealth of information that goes back decades. I have no idea how you were able to find some of this information."

- Fred Mcauley

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   "You did a fantastic job. Both Vince's Secret Locker Volumes 1 and 2 are amazing. V1 goes in more detail on diet and training while V2 goes more into his life and bodybuilding as a whole. I love both volumes and hope you write more. It's been awhile since I've read books that are so informative. I read the whole V1 book and I could not put it down until I finished it." 


- Edward Mioduszewski 

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    "Where does one start when one is so over-whelmed? I was bowled over by the 1st book. When I read that there was to be a second volume,  I questioned how the author could come up with anywhere near enough material for a second effort. Well, he did it. And in fine form, I might add. I have long devoured everything in print about Gironda. Saying that, is to say I thought I knew most of what needed knowing about Gironda. I was wrong! These 1st two books by Karl Coyne are brimming with new information on both the man and his work. And the photos? Really? I can spend hours just looking at the pictures. Next, Coyne announces yet two more books, an enhanced edition of V1 and V3.  I thought, "okay, the money making rehash with a fancy cover and maybe heavier stock paper." Wrong again! (This is getting to be a habit!").  As I said, I'll read anything about Vince Gironda, so I popped for the cash for the Enhanced Edition of Volume 1. When I received my copy, I was the amount of effort that had to go into this new information. And the photos? Really? Talk about worth the money! Lots of new goodies for a Vince connoisseur such as myself, but also a really smart buy for anyone wanting the best training information out there., I can't wait for Volume 3. In fact, I've already prepaid for my hardcover edition. The amount of time, effort and research that went into this project just staggers my imagination.  I believe what you have 'created' will forever be known as the cream of the crop in physical culture literature!"

- Mark Lewis  

"The Dungeon Gym"   

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