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Karl is also a bodybuilder and quite passionate about the sport. Having the privilege to meet and speak to world-class heavyweights in his line of work, Karl decided to take the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Cena, and Dwayne Johnson to heart. Karl ate, slept, and breathed their life’s mottos, positivity, and motivational advice, promising himself to Visualize his Goals, Never Give Up, and Think Outside the Box. Karl put aside naysayers and trusted himself, expecting to fail but refusing to fear, knowing that winners simply brush themselves off and get back up.

As an author, Karl has followed this same formula to success. Believing in himself, his vision, and his dreams have now made him an established and irrefutable book author. With the completion of this third volume, Karl is finally satisfied to have captured, documented, and shared an astoundingly detailed wealth of information regarding Vince Gironda, for current and future generations of both expert and beginner bodybuilders, body modification practitioners, and devotees of “The Iron Guru”; which would otherwise have been lost forever.

Karl is also involved in humanitarian efforts by supporting Ukrainian refugee children since

the onset of the war. To find out more, click here:  


As much as you might believe that Karl's success started with Vince's Secret Locker, the fact of the matter is that Karl's ambitious traits were already seen worldwide well prior to this successful book series. Many years ago, Karl Coyne was and still is known for his aquarist design abilities

specializing in live reef aquariums. His creativity and knowledge were quickly noted and before you knew it he was designing the biggest and coolest aquariums in Eastern Europe. Due to his

expertise, Karl Coyne quickly became the Eastern European representative for the world's biggest aquarium producer ICM / Reynold's Polymer. Karl took an architectural approach to his aquatic projects by creating sketches into scale models which by the way he beautifully handcrafted

himself. Karl's work has been published worldwide in aquatic journals, books, and newspapers,

as well as business and designer magazines. Furthermore, his work was also featured on 

Polish and German television channels.


Karl does things differently! He seems to have covered many venues, whether it's a book, video, website, wood box, model, or aquarium, his multipotential capabilities seem to continuously strive

for perfectionism time and time again. 


What is next for Karl Coyne? Although he has been offered multiple book deals in a variety of areas, Karl has decided to patiently write his next publication, but word has it that a sports and children's book could be in the works.

It doesn't stop here for Karl. Outside of being a successful book author, he also creates impressive websites and breathtaking videos that can be seen on this website. To further expand his portfolio, Karl recently crafted custom-wood boxes which have already been the talk of social media.

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Karl Coyne Vince's Secret Locker Book Author
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