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Special thanks
to all the
friends and fans
that I have met
during this
ongoing project!

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Books by Karl Coyne

Vince's Secret Locker Volume 1

Vince's Secret Locker Volume 2

Vince's Secret Locker Enhanced Edition (Mystical Cover)

Vince's Secret Locker Enhanced Edition (Artistic Cover)


Vince's Secret Locker Volume 3

Vince's Secret Locker Volume 3 has now officially been released and already getting rave reviews from around the world.  Vince's Secret Locker has continued this path time and time again. When Volume 1 was introduced back in December 2015 it became an instant hit sparking worldwide reviews and is now considered a classic. Volume 2 followed in 2016 and then Volume 1 Enhanced  Edition in 2018, both receiving once again spectacular reviews around the globe. And now Volume 3, and to no surprise followed the same success to continue this gold standard series.  Volume 3 is already being touted as "The most beautiful bodybuilding book ever made.," and the reviews keep pouring in. 
"Another Masterpiece, " 
"Award Winning Quality!"
"I was blown away!"
"Unbelievable job..!"
"The best bodybuilding book I've seen since Arnold's Encyclopedia!!" 

Present day:
It doesn't stop here for Karl. Outside of being a successful book author, he also creates impressive websites like this page. To add to his profile, he also creates breathtaking 3 d videos. To further expand his portfolio, he recently made custom-wood boxes that he handcrafted himself which has already been talked about on Youtube. 

Karl is also involved in humanitarian efforts by supporting Ukrainian refugee children since the beginning of the war.  

As much as you might think that Karl's success and creativity started with Vince's Secret Locker, the fact of the matter is that Karl's ambitious traits were already seen worldwide decades ago. Back in the 90s, Karl Coyne was a well-known aquarium designer specializing in live reef aquariums. His creativity and knowledge were quickly noted and before you knew it he was designing the biggest and coolest aquariums in Eastern Europe. He even represented the world's biggest aquarium producer Reynold's Polymer. Karl understood to stand out, he needed to think outside the box to be the best. So he took an architectural approach to his aquatic projects by designing miniature models which he handcrafted himself., some taking several weeks to create. Coincidentally after all these years, an opportunity has been presented and some of those models are in the patent process. Karl'swork was published worldwide in Aquatic s journals, books, newspapers, as well as business and designer magazines.  There was even an article called The Smithsonian Style Aquarium based on his work production.  It's somewhat ironic that the same reference would once again be brought up, but now regarding his book series. One of his VSL readers recently commented that Volume 3 should be in the Smithsonian Museum. It's pretty impressive to get such a referral once, but twice in two different fields is quite rare.

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